Instructional Video: How to Administer Suppository Medication

Instructions for Use

Read and follow all directions before using Sephure applicators, including the directions provided with your suppository.

In general, suppositories are applied after emptying the bowel. You may add lubrication to the end of the suppository and Sephure applicator.

Wash your hands.

1. Place the suppository in the Sephure applicator.

2. You can insert the suppository in any comfortable position; standing, squatting, bending forward at the waist, standing with one foot raised on a chair or stool, or lying on your left side.

3. Insert the Sephure applicator, suppository first, into your anus. When your thumb and finger touch your body, use your fore finger to advance the plunger.

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4. Push the plunger as far as it will go but do not use force. When you feel resistance, the suppository is in position and you can withdraw the Sephure applicator.

Discard the Sephure applicator in the trash. Do not flush the applicator.

Wash your hands.

Do not reuse the applicator; it is designed for one time use.



Reusing the applicator may cause infection or transfer disease.

If you experience irritation or discomfort while using rectal suppositories, discontinue use and contact your physician.

Do not force the plunger into the rectum. Depending on the contents of the rectum, including stool, and the size of your rectum, the plunger may not be completely depressed into the barrel. This does not mean that the suppository is not properly positioned.

Using this device in a manner inconsistent with these directions may cause injury or harm.