Sephure is a disposable, single use suppository applicator that enables patients to quickly, hygienically and comfortably administer rectal suppositories. The applicator was designed by a Crohn’s patient and IBS sufferer to assist her struggle with taking prescribed suppository medication. Sephure has a unique patented technology that allows air to escape the body during the administration of medication and withdrawal of the device.

Suppositories can be administered using a Sephure applicator in any comfortable position, in less than 5 seconds. Sephure properly places the suppository within the body so the medication isn’t felt and there is no struggle to keep the medicine in the body.

Sephure vs. Vaginal Applicator Design

Suppository medication is designed to melt at body temperature. When the medication has melted and the trapped air is expelled from the body, the medication leaks. Female applicators when used rectally, leave a pocket of air in the body causing the expulsion of medication. In addition, the air trapped by female applicators is uncomfortable and leads to cramping.

Sephure is uniquely designed for rectal administration of suppository medication. This applicator allows air to escape the body, ensuring all medication has been taken. The suppository is properly placed away from the nerve endings that signal the body to expel the contents of the bowel, which can be difficult to accomplish using finger administration.

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  • "I wasn't taking my suppository medication as prescribed until I started using Sephure." -Patient prescribed Canasa, uses Sephure size B3