Sephure is a disposable, single use suppository applicator that enables patients to quickly, hygienically and comfortably administer rectal suppositories. The applicator was designed by Jennifer who is a Crohn’s patient and IBS sufferer to assist her struggle in taking prescribed suppository medication. Sephure has a unique patented technology that allows air to escape the body during the administration of the medication and withdrawal of the device.

Currently, patients lie on their left side for 30 to 45 minutes to administer a suppository using a finger. The patient feels the suppository in the body and has a strong urgency to expel the medication. Upon standing, the person must wear protective undergarments because the medicine leaks outside the body.

Suppositories can be administered using a Sephure applicator in any comfortable position, in less than 5 seconds. Sephure properly places the suppository within the body so that the patient does not feel the medication and there is no struggle to keep the medicine in the body. For patients who are taking medicine that is intended to be absorbed, such as treatment for digestive disease or hemorrhoids, daily activities can be resumed immediately, and there is no need to wear protective undergarments because the medicine is properly placed within the body.

About the Inventor

Sephure was invented by Jennifer Davagian, a Crohn’s patient and IBS sufferer for over 2 decades. Jennifer identified the problem of trapped air in the body as the source of medication leakage and long wait times on the floor. After patenting the unique air flow technology, Jennifer sought and achieved FDA clearance for the device. Today, Jennifer tells her personal story to champion the Sephure applicator as an improvement in qualtity care and infection control programs.

Sephure Facts

  • Clean and hygienic
  • Can be administered in any position
  • Comfortable placement of the suppository
  • Eliminates need for protective undergarments
  • Immediately resume daily activities
  • Easy to self-administer in less than 5 seconds
  • Disposable, one-time use

  • "Sephure allows me to take my suppository medication in a fraction of the time so I can get back to living life" -Susan (Patient)